28.08.2021 2 x ABE Club Dog Show Dinnyes ,Hungary

Behind us are wonderful moments at 2 shows in Dinnyes,Hungary organized by the ABE Club , Hungary. Our girls did a great job! Me and Aneta are very happy and proud of our girls ?
Judges : I show Dorde Leka SRB & II show Kotlar Robert Hu
Our new baby’s debut
Trusty Friends Olympia -2 x BOB Minor Puppy, BIS Minor Puppy 1 ?
Mirabella Mio Amore Bi-Bi – 2 x CAC, 2 x Special Show Winner, 2 x BOB and BIS 2?

Trusty Friends Olympia aka Freya 5,5 months old

Mirabella Mio Amore Bi-Bi

CACIB Dog Show Prestige Leszno 2021 ,judge Linda Volarikova SK

The first dog show this year ? Very nice day and time spent with friends and nice dogs. We are proud of the performance of our Trusty Friends Tinkerbell’s children ?
debut 11 month old Natalie Mio Amore Bi-Bi ,Junior Winner,BOB Junior ? Natalie is developing very nicely and has a lovely sweet character. Congratulations Aneta Jańczyk and we wish you a lot of fun in the ring with Natalie!
Mirabella Mio Amore Bi-Bi CWC,CACIB, BOB ?
Mirabella Mio Amore Bi-Bi ,Trusty Friends Tinkerbell, Natalie Mio Amore Bi-Bi
Mirabella Mio Amore Bi-Bi
Natalie Mio Amore Bi-Bi

        Wesołych Świąt oraz Szczęśliwego Nowego Roku ! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !

10.10.2020 Companion and Toy Dogs Club Show Opole Pl

Judge Tomas Kucera Cz
Mirabella Mio Amore Bi-Bi -exc.Club Junior Winner 2020,BOBJunior ,BOB
Fidorka Temperance Star st.Martin -exc.2

The day was full of big, beautiful emotions
It was wonderful to see our little Natalie Mio Amore Bi-Bi(Joshua von May Mor -Trusty Friends Tinkerbell ) developing beautifully after two months. We sincerely hope that Aneta Jańczyk (owner) will have a lot of fun and joy with her.

Fidorka Temperance Star st.Matin  exc.2

Mirabella Mio Amore Bi-Bi Club Junior Winner 2020, BOB :-)

Me and girls :-)


                             Me and our child Natalie Mio Amore Bi-Bi  owner Aneta Jańczyk